'Mayans M.C.' Star JD Pardo Predicts What Would Happen If 'Sons of Anarchy' Lead Jax Met EZ

Sons of Anarchy fans have dreamed of a possible meeting between Mayans M.C. lead character EZ and [...]

Sons of Anarchy fans have dreamed of a possible meeting between Mayans M.C. lead character EZ and the beloved Jax Teller, and Mayans star JD Pardo has thought about how it would go down.

As fans of the FX motorcycle drama universe are well aware of, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) was a member of the SAMCRO chapter of the Sons of Anarchy, later becoming charter president before meeting his tragic fate at the end of the series.

The show has established, however, that Jax and EZ (Pardo) were both in prison at the same time, meaning they could have met each other while they were both locked up.

Pardo, who frequently engages fans of the series on social media, responded to a fan question Monday, who asked how a potential EZ and Jax meet would go if the Sons of Anarchy leader was alive in the present.

"As a prospect right now, Jax would probably tell me to do something. I'd laugh and look over [Emilio Rivera] and he would probably tell me to do what Jax said. The prospect life," Pardo tweeted.

The hilarious answer proved satisfactory to fans, who continued to hope for a possible union of the two main characters in the future — or the past — of the successful new FX drama series.

Mayans M.C. has not hesitated to bring back old elements, and characters, from its predecessor series in the past, with a flashback appearance from Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal) herself during the first episode. The series also welcomed beloved supporting character Chuckie (Michael Compte) into the fold, now working at the Mayans scrap yard after they won him in a card game against the Sons.

The Mayans, and their partners at the Galindo cartel are also currently at odds with Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) — a former adversary of the Sons from the original series — who is attempting to bring down the club and the cartel with his latest scheme.

As far as a possible Jax Teller cameo is concerned? Fans should not hold their breath for it to happen, as Hunnam has said in the past he would never reprise his role again.

"No, no... I had the deepest experience of my career coming out of that," he told Entertainment Tonight ahead of the spinoff's premiere of Sons of Anarchy ending in 2014. "I had become that character, had become so deeply integrated into who I was, I literally didn't realize until the day we wrapped and we put him to rest and I felt I went through a period of two or three weeks of, like, real bereavement."

He even referred to Jax as a "sacred" role he played, revealing he still keeps a piece of him in his house.

"I have his cut [leather vest] and, you know, people have been to my house and asked if they could try it on and I [say] 'No one will ever put that cut on again' and 'We got to respect that dude. He's not with us anymore,'" Hunnam said. "So I would never bring him back from the dead for something like that It was seven years of my life. He sort of became sacred to me."

Tune in to all the drama surrounding the Santo Padre charter when Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.