'Mayans M.C.' Season 3 Preview Teases Major Conflicts Ahead

The first two episodes of Mayans M.C.'s third season aired on Tuesday and set up several dramatic storylines that will unfold throughout the coming weeks. Now FX has teased even more intense moments. The network released a brief overview of Season 3 on YouTube and hinted at some major conflicts.

The teaser video was less than one minute long, but there was a lot of information packed into it. There were glimpses of an unknown female biker seemingly beating someone while law enforcement officers surrounded a pickup truck at night. Angel Reyes and Adelita reunited only for the Mayans MC member to ask about their baby. Finally, Marcus Alvarez shoved Bishop in a less-than-friendly manner, hinting at a fracture between the current Mayans president and the former leader of the Oakland chapter.

While the teaser video only provided a glimpse at the major conflicts without providing too much context, it did reveal the fate of one character. There were several questions at the end of the second episode regarding Johnny "Coco" Cruz. He was in a bad spot and in danger of losing his life after taking a baseball bat to the head from unknown foes. However, the video showed him alive and holding a gun to a man's head.

Coco also briefly surfaced during the preview of the third episode. The clip primarily focused on Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes and his plan to help the club amid the border shutdown, but there were two more glimpses of Coco. The first showed him with a gun to the leader of Meth Mountain's head. The second showed him taking a punch from that same man.

Coco's fate will be the focal point for many fans, but it is unclear whether they will receive answers during the third episode. One thing that is certain is that it is only one of many intense storylines in play. For example, Happy from the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club returns to the series in order to deliver a message. He tells the Mayans that the Sons want a call if they are riding through their turf.


The first two episodes of Mayans M.C.'s third season aired on Tuesday, and both episodes are now available on Hulu. New episodes will air each Tuesday on FX and become available on the streaming service the day after. The first two seasons of Mayans M.C. are also available on Hulu for fans needing to catch up on the top storylines.