'Mayans M.C.' Finale: Coco's Fate After Tumultuous Season Revealed

The season finale of Mayans M.C. did not disappoint. Viewers can rest assure that the storylines will continue after it was revealed that a Season 4 is in the works; however, there were a number of cliff-hangers fans were left with, which will require a lot of questions to be answered in the upcoming season. Throughout 10 episodes, they've seen Coco (Richard Cabral) struggle with a drug addiction, and after almost dying, onlookers thought there might be a glimpse of hope. Spoilers on Season 3 finale ahead.

After vowing to get clean and make better choices, Coco once again found himself back at Meth Mountain in an attempt to save Hope (Vanessa Giselle) when things took a turn for the worse. Isaac (JR Bourne) took control once again after Coco found his way back, tying him up and leaving him to die. However, although his daughter Letty (Emily Tosta) was furious with him when he left their home to go back in hopes of saving his love interest, too, she ran to the club for help.

Letty was immediately greeted by Gilly (Vincent Vargas), who informed her that Coco had been kicked out of the club due to lack of effort after he fell into a drug addiction. She begged him to save her father as she feared he might be dead on Meth Mountain; however, the biker refused. After she got furious with him, Gilly showed up to save his best friend. Cutting Coco down from the string he was hanging on, he was able to get his friend out, but the former Mayan refused to leave without Hope. After she expressed that she would not be able to truly be free if she left with him, he fought back by shooting Isaac. It's unclear if he killed him or just injured him, but Coco was able to walk away with Hope and Gilly.

While there's still a lot to unravel, fans will have to wait and see how Coco's life with play out once he returns home. With another season on the horizon, fans are eager to see if he'll be accepted back into the club or if he'll continue to battle with his demons as he attempts to get back on track.


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