'Mayans M.C.': EZ Makes Life-Changing Decision After Character's Death

It's the second to last episode before Season 3's finale of Mayans M.C., and there are still a lot of unanswered questions with very little time to explain. (However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief because it was announced this week that a Season 4 is in the series' future.) With an emotional Episode 9, there's only so much more that can be squeezed in one final episode. Season 3, Episode 9 spoilers ahead.

Fans, as always, were expecting something major to happen in the second to last episode. However, the character deaths of Steve (Momo Rodriguez) and Sederica Palomo (Mía Maestro), as well as Emily (Sarah Bolger) almost taking her last breath, were a lot to handle for viewers. It was apparently a lot for EZ (JD Pardo) after he witnessed Steve die by suicide right in front of him and others from the Santo Padre charter just after the newcomer had been fully patched. As a result, EZ decided to follow his love interest Gaby (Sulem Calderon) as she heads to a different part of California to be with her family, walking away from the dangers that lie upon the Mayans group.

Earlier in the episode, EZ and Gaby were brought to a turning point after he accidentally hit her in the face at the end of Episode 8 amidst a fight he started with two men making racist comments to her. Noting that she wanted no part in that violent life — as she just escaped from it to the United States — she asked him to walk away from her if he really loved her. However, witnessing Steve's untimely death, he made the quick decision to choose her and not the life of a Mayan. It's an interesting plot twist, but not totally unexpected because fans have witnessed EZ battle with two separate lives: the one he has in his kutte, and the one he lives outside of that. While there's only one more episode left of the season, fans will continue to watch their favorite characters' lives play out in an all-new season coming out next year.


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