Radio Personality Predicts Late Night Talk Show Host Will Be Accused of Sexual Assault

New York-based radio host Mark Simone boasts that he correctly predicted the sexual harassment scandals surrounding both Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer. Both iconic journalists have now been fired and publicly disgraced for years of sexual misconduct that had been going on behind the scenes.

Now, Simone is calling his next shot. He believes he can correctly guess who's going to be exposed for predatory behavior next. On Friday, he tweeted a few hints as to who he thought would go down next.

Simone's bet is on a "very liberal, late night comedian, talk show host" who is "not on every night."

Guesses vary in the replies to Simone's tweet. Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel seem to be front-runners among Simone's followers — though Colbert and Kimmel are both on five nights a week. Technically, no late night host is on "every" night, so that doesn't narrow it down much.


More likely, Simone is talking about John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, who started as a comedian. Oliver's show airs once a week on a seasonal basis. It's a news desk style show, though Oliver and his research team focus more on in-depth stories that often get overlooked in the day-to-day news, rather than topical skewering. There is no evidence that Oliver has a secret history of sexual predation, and he's been one of the most outspoken voices against figures like Harvey Weinstein in the past couple of months.