NBC News Erasing All Traces of Matt Lauer, 'Demolishing' His Office

In addition to their investigation into his years of sexual misconduct, it seems NBC News has undertaken the huge effort of removing all traces of Matt Lauer from 30 Rockefeller Center.

An anonymous insider at NBC told Page Six that management has moved quickly to get rid of anything that might remind the world of Lauer. His nameplate has been ripped off, his face removed from every website, and now his infamous office is being demolished.

"They are so sickened by his behavior it is almost like they want to pretend he never existed," the source said.

A report of Lauer's sexual harassment was filed on Monday evening. The anchor was fired on Wednesday morning. By the end of the week, work crews were already gutting the anchor's office. That's unsurprising, as the office was the setting of many of Lauer's alleged indiscretions.

Lauer is said to have had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock the door without getting up, chiefly for the purpose of being alone with female co-workers. The button system was apparently the first thing to go. As the office is remodeled, NBC has crews scouring the building looking for photos of Lauer, or any memorabilia associated with his 20 years at the show.

In addition, there are staff members scrubbing NBC and Today show websites for any pictures of Lauer, as the sight of his face is now a detriment to their brand.


The flood of accusations against Lauer has been swift and unyielding. NBC is reportedly withholding the anchor's pay and refusing any settlements regarding severance. Lauer's lawyers are seeking a $30 million pay-out after his termination, but NBC News points to a morality clause in his contract, saying that he was fired with cause and they have no reason to pay him.

Photo Credit: Today Show / NBC