'Today' Fans Are Reeling From Savannah Guthrie's Announcement About Matt Lauer

Today show fans were left reeling Wednesday morning after Savannah Guthrie announced that anchor Matt Lauer had been fired after a complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

"As I'm sure you can imagine, we are devastated and we are still processing all of this," Guthrie said as she delivered the news, joined by Hoda Kotb. Both anchors were clearly emotional over the news, which they had just learned, and share that it would be difficult to reconcile the man they have known for years with the complaint and subsequent termination.

“For the moment, all we can say is that we are heartbroken. I’m heartbroken for Matt. He is my dear, dear friend and my partner and he has been loved by many, many people here," Guthrie said. "And I’m heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell."

Twitter users quickly shared their thoughts on Guthrie's reaction, with some slamming her for her emotion when Lauer's alleged victim should be receiving her sympathy.

Others commended Guthrie for her poise on air.

Some criticized the network for giving Guthrie and Kotb such a short time to process the news before making the announcement.


Guthrie added that information would be shared with viewers as it became known.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @TODAYShow