'Manifest': Petition to Save Canceled NBC Show Nears 100K Signatures

A fan-created petition movement to save the popular canceled NBC series Manifest is now nearly 100,000-strong. The Change.org petition was created in mid-June following the network's shocking and controversial decision to cancel Manifest after three seasons, sparking a months-long push from fans of the Jeff Rake-created supernatural drama series to save the show.

Simply titled "Save Manifest!!," the petition dubs the series' cancellation "one of the worst decisions NBC has ever made" and one that self-proclaimed "Manifesters aren't happy about." Noting that Manifest was created "with a 6 season plan, and to have this show abruptly ripped from our souls is devastating," the petition and its signees call on NBC to "reverse your decision" or allow another platform, such as a streaming service "save this show!!!" The petition argues that despite the assumption that the series' ratings factored into NBC's decision to ax the show, Manifest "had a large following," something evident in the 92,639 and growing signature count.

"Manifest is the type of show that is dramatic, action packed, filled with moments that will make you cry, smile, and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Manifest is the type of show that never gets boring no matter how many times you watch it, it's something unlike anything I've seen on TV in the couple of years," the petition reads. "Manifest is one of the best Supernatural/Drama shows that has been on the network ever, it is that incredible."

The push to get Manifest picked up for a fourth season is taking place on more than just the petition, though. Ever since the series made its way to Netflix just prior to the cancellation news, Manifest has remained on the streamer's Top 10 streaming charts, remaining in the No. 1 spot among series on the platform for 27 days. For the week of June 14-20, the week that kicked off with Manifest's cancellation, the series accounted for 2.5 billion minutes of content streamed online, making it the No. 1 title in all of streaming for that period.


The massive support from fans has apparently been heard, to, sparking renewed hope that Manifest will be saved. Although it was initially reported that Netflix had passed on the series, the most recent update from Deadline reported Warner Bros. Television, the studio behind the series, is in "the home stretch" of negotiations with Netflix regarding a Season 4 order on the platform. WBTV, so hopeful about the show's fate, has even reportedly started negotiations with the cast, though there currently are no concrete renewal plans, meaning fans will ultimately have to wait to see if Manifest is saved.