'Manifest' Fall Finale Preview Released

The fall finale of Manifest is almost upon us, and it looks like some serious cliffhangers are on the way.

Manifest is about to take a break for the holidays, but before it does, fans have one more episode full of revelations and new questions to look forward to. The latest teaser shows Ben finding another of the missing passengers in an unlikely location: his own street.

Ben catches the woman as she nearly collapses in front of him. She has what look like bruises on her forehead, suggesting that she has undergone some of the experimentation the other passengers have been subjected to. By the looks of it, Ben helps her into his garage before making a call.

"You haven't seen what they're doing to us," the passenger says to Ben and Vance.

Meanwhile, the group's investigations may not have been as subtle as they had hoped. The teaser is full of doors being kicked down, rubble and at least two explosions.

"They cannot know we're coming," Vance says seriously in one shot. That hope is cast aside by the end of the 40-second teaser, as it becomes clear that he, Ben and Michaela are caught off guard.

Another significant snippet of dialogue tells us that "Cal is gone," though we do not know where the young boy goes or with whom.

Finally, some answers clearly lie in store as the teaser ends on a foreboding new character in a sleek suit, flanked on either side by scientists in lab coats.

"You clearly have no idea who you're interfering with," he says through clenched teeth.

This will be the ninth total episode of Manifest, meaning that just seven more remain when the show returns in the spring. The show has become a reasonably strong performer for NBC, earning it an extended order just last month.

Manifest follows the lives of passengers from Flight 828, a plane that underwent some bizarre and mysterious phenomena. After experiencing some routine turbulence in the air, the plane landed to find that, back on earth, five years had passed while they were aboard.

Now, some of the passengers are working together to try and uncover what happened to them — or what might be happening still. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) is primarily concerned with the well-being of his son, Cal (Jack Messina), who has begun exhibiting strange symptoms since returning to the ground. He teams up with NSA director Vance (Daryl Edwards) in an attempt to find the answers.

Hopefully, this week's episode can deliver the right mixture of answers and suspense as the show's growing fan base prepares to spend several months waiting for new intrigue.


Manifest airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.