'Magnum P.I.' Viewers Weigh in on CBS Reboot Starring Jay Hernandez

Magnum P.I. fans were introduced to the new Thomas S. Magnum, played by Jay Hernandez, in the series debut Monday night. CBS viewers gave the series heavy praise, with some appreciating the show's references to the original Tom Selleck series.

In the series premiere episode, "I Saw The Sun Rise," Magnum introduces viewers to his group of friends: Rick (Zachary Knighton), TC (Stephen Hill) and Sebastian. Like the original series, Magnum lives in a guest house owned by Masters, a journalist who covered the wars in the Middle East and shadowed Magnum and his friends. Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks), Masters' caretaker, keeps tabs on Magnum and tries to reel him in, usually unsuccessfully.

Magnum is also a private investigator, and the case he takes on in the premiere comes too close to home. Sebastian wanted to hire him, so Magnum went down to his home to meet him. When he arrived, Magnum spotted Sebastian being kidnapped and taken away in a stolen ambulance.

Eventually, Magnum tracked down the ambulance, only to find Sebastian dead inside. Later in his investigation, Magnum discovered that Sebastian was helping two dishonorably discharged military men find their stolen treasure. The deal went sideways, and the men did not want Sebastian alive to talk about the treasure.

Later on, Magnum called on Higgins to use her MI6 contacts to help locate the villains' boast. During an explosive chase at the end, the bad guys were killed. The episode ended with Magnum and his friends goign to Sebastian's funeral. Magnum let Sebastian's son know his father will always be with him, even if he is not physically there.

By the end of the episode, Magnum P.I. viewers had fallen in love with the new show. One fan even noted the similarities with Hawaii Five-0. There are plans for a crossover, since both shows air on CBS and are filmed in Hawaii.

One person even wants to start a "Renew Magnum P.I." campaign after just one episode.

Others were really impressed with Perdita Weeks as Higgins.

The series is starting out "awesome" for this fan.

Everyone on the show also looks really good.

Others thought the ending was quite crazy.


New episodes of Magnum P.I. air on CBS Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: CBS