'Magnum P.I.' Rocks a Tom Selleck-Inspired Mustache in New Teaser

Magnum P.I. fans are this close to getting a Tom Selleck-style mustache.Spoilers ahead for Magnum [...]

Magnum P.I. fans are this close to getting a Tom Selleck-style mustache.

Spoilers ahead for Magnum P.I.'s rebooted season.

In a sneak peek from episode 2 ("From the Head Down") of the CBS reboot, Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) can be seen cleaning up his facial hair after a military tour. He first shaves clean his chin and neck, leaving a lone mustache that's spot-on reminiscent of the original character's.

Watch the sneak peek video by clicking here.

But after seemingly weighing his options and evaluating the new look, he shaves it clean off and a bare-faced Magnum is seen looking back at himself in the bathroom mirror.

Elsewhere in the episode, Magnum helps struggling fisherman and fellow veteran Dan (Carl Weathers) when $350,000's worth of tuna is stolen from him — just to discover that the thief needs his help, too.

Last week, Magnum P.I. premiered to 8.1 million total viewers and a 1.2 demo rating. Those numbers only expanded the next day to nearly 11 million and a 1.7 with Live+3 DVR playback factored in.

CBS viewers gave the rebooted series debut heavy praise, with many appreciating the references to the original Selleck series. Like in the original series, Magnum lives in a guest house owned by Masters, a journalist who covered the wars in the Middle East and shadowed Magnum and his friends. Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks), Masters' caretaker, keeps tabs on Magnum and — usually unsuccessfully — tries to reel him in.

As a private investigator, Magnum takes on a variety of cases. The one he took on in the premiere hit close to him when he saw his friend Sebastian being kidnapped and driven away in a stolen ambulance. When Magnum finally tracked down the ambulance, he was too late to save his friend.

Not only were fans enjoying the general premise of the reboot, but also the secret Hawaii Five-0 crossover that came in the form of Hawaii Five-0 character Noelani Cunha (Kimee Balmilero), whose medical examiner's office Magnum visited when he was in need of some info.

And while fans are loving Hernandez's portrayal of the titular character, many are wondering if Selleck himself will make a return. In an interview with Parade Magazine in September, Selleck said he did not have any power in CBS' decision to remake his famous series — but they did ask him to attend a meeting early on.

"I don't really have any say. CBS was nice enough to include me in a meeting," Selleck said. "They said, 'We won't do this if you really have a problem with it.' I said, 'I did my own show and I'm very proud of it. I wish you well.'"

He also told TVInsider he had no plans to join the new show. "They asked and I said, 'Absolutely not. I'm busy with Blue Bloods,'" Selleck said. "It will never be what in my fantasy world, I would make it to be."

Magnum P.I. airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.