'Lethal Weapon' Tweet Slammed as People Demand More Clayne Crawford as Riggs

A tweet from the official Lethal Weapon Twitter is causing a stir with fans as they demand Clayne Crawford be brought back as Martin Riggs.

Many fans of both Crawford and the show have taken the opportunity to tweet back their displeasure in the series letting the actor go, with one commenting, "Nope, not watching anymore. Not [Lethal Weapon] without Riggs."

"I think you should consider the viewers view, we as audience of your show we just not follow the story of the series we also follow the character," another chided.

"Lethal Weapon is in for a big surprise. Ratings will drop so much either [they] rehire [Crawford] or cancel the show," another watcher predicted.

Crawford starred in the series for the first two seasons, but was fired ahead of the upcoming third season due to alleged aggressive behavior on set that he has denied while at the same time taking responsibility for certain tense situations that he admits did arise.

Recently, Fox chairman Dana Walden finally spoke out about Crawford's exit, as well as Lethal Weapon nearly being canceled, saying, “It wasn’t our choice. Our partners at Warner Bros. came to us and said that they could not deliver the show as it was.”

Walden went on to say that the decision to not bring Crawford back was a difficult one, but that after American Pie star Seann William Scott was presented as a replacement the network felt more comfortable greenlighting a third season. Scott will be playing an as-yet-unnamed character who will become the new partner to Roger Murtaugh, played by actor/comedian Damon Wayans.

“I think we made the right choice,” Walden said, adding that the addition of Scott brings a “good new dynamic to the show with a lot of its original dynamic intact.”


Fox chairman Gary Newman also spoke about the shows next season, explaining that “90 percent of the cast is coming back.” This includes the family of Murtaugh, which is a crucial element of the series.

“We will be making sure to let the audience know there is something new,” Newman added, pointing out that the network will handle promotion for the new season very carefully.