Legendary CBS Show Is Getting a Spinoff

TBS is breathing new life into David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks. The network has commissioned a 10-episode variety-comedy series based on Letterman's popular Late Night TV segment, under a new host –– comedian Sarah Silverman. "The rule in show business is, 'Never work with animals or children,' but I choose to work with David Letterman anyway," Silverman quipped. The idea for the series comes from The Jay & Tony Show's Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh and Letterman's Worldwide Pants. Blumenfield, Marsh, Letterman, Silverman, and Amy Zvi are attached as executive producers.

The rebooted version of the series promises to continue the same antics that its original viewers came to know and love by highlighting the often wacky behaviors of various pets and their sometimes-equally eclectic owners. Silverman is meant to lead the show with her well-praised quirky personality. Each episode will showcase a number of animals doing tricks before a live studio audience and interweave comedy bits in between performances. Production is expected to begin in Los Angeles later this year.

"Continuing our strategic commitment to a bold unscripted slate that Corie Henson and her team have implemented and building off the incredible successes of Go-Big Show and Wipeout, we knew we had to elevate our roster by looking at the greats of television history and learning from their innovation," said Brett Weitz, General Manager of TBS, TNT and truTV. "David Letterman is an entertainment legend who changed the face of broadcast history with three simple words: Stupid Pet Tricks. Not just anyone could carry on that legacy, except the wickedly brilliant Sarah Silverman. I have no doubt that her brand of comedy will bring heart and raw humor in a way that will capture the original heritage of Stupid Pet Tricks and provide hilarious moments for a new generation yearning to seek truth and laugh till they cry."


"This is a dream project," said Blumenfield. "To be able to take one of our favorite late-night segments ever, watch Sarah Silverman infuse it with originality and new life and then go make it for TBS, doesn't get better than this."