'Last Man Standing': Mike Admits He's Wrong in Argument With Kristin Over Boyd

While Mandy and Kyle are busy playing around in their new apartment in this week's episode of Last Man Standing, Mike Baxter had to admit he was actually wrong about something for once.

In "Urban Exploring," Mike (Tim Allen) learned that his grandson Boyd (Jet Jurgensmeyer) started "urban exploring." He took a camera and climbed up to the roof of the Outdoor Man building and started taking pictures of the urban landscape surrounding the store.

Instead of trying to dissuade Boyd from putting his life in danger, Mike convinced Boyd it would be better to go exploring out in nature. Since Boyd became enamored with this idea, Mike went ahead and started planning a trip to the Devil's Thumb with Boyd without Kristin's (Amanda Fuller) approval. Mike thought all he needed to do was just tell Ryan (Jordan Masterson) about it, but Kristin was not happy.

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"Devil's Thumb is too dangerous. At least start him off on Devil's Footstool," Kristin said.

Mike said they were only going up there to take pictures, to which Kristin fired back, "Dad, you can take pictures without risking my son's life."

Kristin said Boyd was just going through a phase, where he wanted to take plenty of unnecessary risks. Mike reminded her she took plenty of risks, including a big one when she had Boyd while still in college.

"You cannot stop the kid from taking risks, but you can teach him the safe way to do it, right?" Mike said.

Kristin still did not like the idea because mother still outranks grandma.

"Not in my army," Mike joked as Kristin walked away.

After filming an Outdoor Man Vlog entry about how important it is to take the "bubble wrap" off your children because the world is not as scary as it used to be, "Trump-tantrums aside."

Later on, Mike shocked Kristin by admitting that she should have known about Boyd's hiking trip.

"I'm going to say something I've probably never said to you before," Mike said before taking a deep breath. "You were right."

"Of course, the first time you admit that, there are no witnesses."

So Mike made his pitch to Kristin by wrapping Boyd up in safety vests and a helmet, proving he could keep Boyd totally safe. This still did not work, so Mike suggested Kristin go hiking with them. Kristin said she would go, but Boyd initially expressed his disapproval. Clearly, he hoped to do something with only his grandfather.

Next, Kristin told Vanessa (Nancy Travis) and Carol (Tisha Campbell) about her plans. Vanessa realized something else was wrong with her daughter — she is unhappy that Boyd never wants to spend time with her any longer. Vanessa and Carol told Kristin that Boyd is 12 years old and needs his space. Boyd should be the one to decide if he wants his mom to go hiking with him and Mike. Kristin agreed, and Boyd went hiking with Mike.

When Boyd and Mike returned, Boyd excitedly showed off the photos they took but only after he decided he wanted to hang out with his mother. Mike reminded Kristin that this is now the time she could teach Boyd all about photography. After Kristin talked about being photo editor of her high school yearbook, Boyd asked if she could come with them next time.

After taking a big gulp, Kristin only said "maybe" and started tearing up.

Also in "Urban Exploring," Mandy (Molly McCook) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) moved into the empty room above Ryan's marijuana shop. Ryan tried to be a "cool landlord" while also forcing the couple to paint their own apartment. Rather than accomplishing the task, they started playing a game with the tennis balls and empty paint cans they found. Ryan was not happy, but only because they were playing the game wrong.


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