'Last Man Standing': Mandy and Kristin Arrested When Seance Goes Wrong

On this week's episode of Last Man Standing, 'Bride of Prankenstein,' the younger generation of [...]

On this week's episode of Last Man Standing, "Bride of Prankenstein," the younger generation of Baxters were all arrested after a Halloween seance gone wrong.

Early in the episode, Mandy (Molly McCook) convinced Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) to join her and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) for a seance at his trailer. Once they all sat down, Mandy revealed that they are going to try to awaken the spirit of the Italian fashion designer Angelo Santucci, who was famous for his all-white suits.

"He died in an avalanche in the Alps... it was one case where black socks could have saved a life," Mandy said.

Kristin was more interested in bringing back the spirit of Patrick Swayze, though.

The seance was interrupted though when Police Officer Devore (Stacie Greenwell) arrived. She thought everyone was trespassing, and since they all left their ID's behind, she arrested them, despite their protests. They were also convinced it was just a prank from Vanessa (Nancy Travis).

When Officer Devore went to the Baxter home, she asked Vanessa if she knew them. Vanessa sensed an opportunity to really torture her adult daughters and their husbands, so she pretended not to know them.

She also believed Devore was a fake cop. Devore could tell she knew them though, since Vanessa could not stop laughing. Nonetheless, with no way to prove their identity and Vanessa refusing to be helpful, Devore took Kristin, Mandy, Ryan and Kyle to the precinct.

In the last scene of the episode, the four are stuck in jail. At the very end, Kyle pulls out his wallet.

"Oh wait, I do have my ID!" he said, with the three others giving him a death-stare.

Although not mentioned in this week's episode between the Halloween hijinks, Mandy and Kyle have talked about having a baby. In "Giving Mike The Business," Vanessa found a box of shirts with "aunt," "uncle" and "grandma" written on them so the young couple had to admit they want to start a family. Kyle was really excited about having a baby, but Mandy was not. Even when Mandy came told him the truth, he convinced himself she was lying.

Molly McCook took over the role of Mandy after Molly Ephraim left the series when ABC cancelled it. Ephraim took on new opportunities, forcing the Last Man Standing producers to recast the role. Fans are still mixed on the recasting, as backlash continues from fans late into the new season.

Last Man Standing airs on Fox at 8 p.m. ET on Fridays.

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