'Last Man Standing': Ed and Vanessa's Mom Announce Engagement

Last Man Standing announced a big engagement between two of its characters, though it was not met with joy by the Baxter family.

The FOX comedy series saw the return of Vanessa's mom Bonnie (Susan Sullivan) to visit her boyfriend Ed (Hector Elizondo). While Vanessa (Nancy Travis) admitted to Mike (Tim Allen) she was happy to see her mother more often because of the relationship with their close friend, Mike revealed he found Ed occupying his time with his new relationship very annoying.

Despite Vanessa telling Mike not to meddle, he brought his concerns to Ed about his long-distance relationship and how the distance and space might affect his job and his friendships. Ed promises to talk to Bonnie about the situation and it seems as though he might be getting ready to break up with her.

Later, however, Ed and Bonnie shock the Baxters when she announces that the pair are no longer dating... because they are getting married!

Vanessa and Mike are stunned by the news, and do not react well to the sudden news. Vanessa is hesitant to support their marriage given that Ed has already been married five times and she fears Ed eventually divorcing her could "kill her."

Once again, Mike goes to his friend to discuss his engagement, but this time on Vanessa's behalf. He tells Ed about the concerns given his history of marrying on a whim and Ed is visibly offended by his words. When Mike tells him he just wants to give his advice, since he's been his best man many times before, Ed told his friend that maybe it was time for a different person to stand beside him for the wedding.

That night, the Baxters meet with Bonnie and Ed to clear the air. Bonnie is shocked by Mike's objections to her engagement, as Mike tries to get Vanessa to admit she is the one with reservations.

Vanessa eventually admits to her mom that she fears Ed's relationship history might spell doom for them should they tie the knot. However, Bonnie says that this time is different because she was the one who popped the question. She also said that she would not allow a man to control her life, and that they had already decided she would be moving to town so she can spend more time with her daughter.


Later, Vanessa visits Ed at Outdoor Man to clear the air with him. She admits that she was being protective of her mother but she is now happy about the engagement. Ed then decides to really change things up and asks her to be his best man for the wedding.

Did you see the engagement coming? Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.