'Last Man Standing': Mike Gets Wedding Officiating Advice from 'Blue Collar Comedy' Star Bill Engvall

This week's hour-long Last Man Standing special found Tim Allen's Mike Baxter in a unique position. Chuck Larabee picked his boss to officiate his wedding in "The Best Man," and Mike needed help from Bill Engvall's Reverend Paul.

In "The Best Man," Chuck (Jonathan Adams) decides to celebrate his 25th anniversary with wife Carol (guest star Tisha Campbell) by renewing their vows. Their first wedding was a rushed event in Las Vegas, and Chuck longed dream to give Carol the wedding ceremony she deserved.

At first, Mike did not want to be involved in the wedding, but secretly hoped he would be asked to be Best Man. Later, Chuck asked him to officiate the wedding, even paying for him to get ordained in Colorado online. Mike was then shocked to learn that the unfunny Joe (Jay Leno) was picked to be best man.

"So yesterday you were mad because you thought Chuck was going to ask you to be his best man. Today, you're mad because he didn't ask you," Vanessa (Nancy Travis) pointed out. "Maybe you just like being mad?"

"Of course I do," Mike said.

Mike said he was only angry because Joe was the one Chuck asked. Vanessa said he should feel honored to officiate the ceremony, but Mike was still unhappy.

"Being an officiant at the wedding is like being the DJ at a strip bar. You know that!" Mike said to a bemused Vanessa. "Nobody's there to see you!"

"That must be some of the deep, spiritual insight he knows you'll bring to the ceremony," Vanessa sarcastically said.

After a failed attempt at trying to help Joe be funny, Mike went over to Reverend Paul's office for some advice because he needs to be more impressive at the wedding than Joe. "I need to blow this guy off stage," Mike said.

"Mike, you're looking at this completely wrong," Paul said. "A minister at a wedding... it's is like a DJ."

Mike insisted he still needed a big joke for the wedding.

"OK... there's a scientist, an elephant and a monkey," Paul began, referencing the same exact bad joke Joe gave earlier in the episode.

Later on, Mike tried to get Kyle (Christoph Sanders) to participate in a joke, but he was really bad at it. Mike began to accept he failed, but knew Joe would still not be funny.

During the ceremony, Mike gave up on trying to be funny and delivered an emotional speech about the power of love.

"Being married for a long time is a lot like owning a classic car," Mike said. "I think about that one whenever I look at my lovely wife, Vanessa... When you have a classic car, you don't take it for granted, right. You don't assume it's always going to work. You got to take care of it. You got to tinker with it. You got to listen to it. It's not a lot of work to do it every day. And those days turn into weeks and turn into years and, if you're lucky, the years turn into decades. But that car's going to run like it's brand new. And when everyone sees it, we all say, 'I wish I had one of those.'"


Last Man Standing airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Photo credit: Michael Becker/FOX