Ken Jennings Shares 'Jeopardy!' Hosting Reveal

Ken Jennings recently posted some news about the remainder of Jeopardy's current season. Jennings made the announcement on Twitter, revealing that he'll be stepping back from hosting again in order to make way for Mayim Bialik. But, rest assured, he'll return later in the season. This news dropped before Bialik revealed her COVID-19 diagnosis.

Jennings took to Twitter on Saturday to give viewers an update about the rest of the current season of Jeopardy! He wrote that he's "handing the keys" back to Bialik, who will be hosting the quiz show for the next "few months." The former Jeopardy! champion then thanked everyone for watching and noted that he'll return to the show "before the end of the season." As of right now, it's unclear how long Bialik will be hosting Jeopardy! and when Jennings will return. However, she'll return to the helm starting with Monday's episode.  

Jennings and Bialik have both taken on hosting duties as the series still works to name the official replacement for Alex Trebek. If you've been following along with the process, you would know that there's been a fair deal of drama associated with naming the next permanent host. In August 2021, former Jeopardy executive producer Mike Richards was announced as the next permanent host. Although, amid fan outcry and allegations of insensitivity towards his co-workers, he stepped down from the position. He was later fired altogether from his positions as an executive producer on both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune

Since then, Jennings and Bialik have taken turns hosting Jeopardy! as the production figures out who will helm the program full-time. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Big Bang Theory alum said that she would "love" to hold the position. She also noted that May 6 was her final filming day for Jeopardy! 


"I would love that," Bialik said in March "I like to say, I've lived season to season, since I was about 13 years old. So, what I know is I'm hosting until May 6, and beyond that, hopefully." She went on to say that it would be an honor to be the first full-time female host of the program, adding, "I think being a female is its own mark. My grandparents were immigrants to this country, so I think for me, being in two generations being a woman and a host in that iconic role blows my mind."