Katie Couric's NSFW Joke About Matt Lauer and Ann Curry Resurfaces

Numerous remarks from an infamous 2008 roast of Matt Lauer have resurfaced, and they definitely haven't aged well. Remarks from Katie Couric's segment of the roast are the latest to come to light, and they allude to a possible sexual relationship between Lauer and his former Today co-anchor Ann Curry.

Couric, who also anchored Today from 1991-2006, did a Top 10 list in the vein of David Letterman, according to Village Voice report published at the time.

She began with a joke about Lauer's sexual performance by saying, "According to his wife, he's not really an early riser, if you know what I mean."

Couric also also remarked that when she aired her colonoscopy procedure on Today, they found Lauer's head inside her.

The no. 2 entry on the list is where the Curry remark comes in. Couric simply says "He loves to eat Curry."

The room reportedly erupted in laughter as Curry "blanched" in shock.

Couric then followed the double entendre up by playing off the insinuation.

"What? Indian food! What's wrong with you people!" Couric said.


This insinuation of improper sexual relationships in the workplace is now troubling due to the sexual assault and harassment allegation levied against Lauer. He allegedly sent inappropriate photos to an intern and sexually assaulted a woman in his office to the point that she passed out, among other accounts.

These remarks, as well as numerous other jokes taken from the roast, imply that Lauer's co-workers were aware of his sexual deviance, which casts doubt on those who appeared to be shocked when accounts of Lauer's actions came out.