'Jeopardy!': James Holzhauer Epically Trolls Brad Rutter as Scores Are Tallied

The Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time Tournament has officially come to an end, but not before James Holzhauer got in one last troll. On Tuesday's episode, the scores of all three contestants — Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter — were zeroed out, allowing Holzhauer to make a joke about Rutter's lack of wins throughout the tournament. As the numbers on the players' boards went to zero, Holzhauer cracked, "Brad's score is still on there."

"Wow," Jennings said as both he and Rutter held up their hands in a "What can we do about this guy" sort of gesture.

Jennings ultimately won the tournament in Match 4, earning him $1 million and the title of Jeopardy!'s greatest contestant. Holzhauer and Rutter both won $250,000, and all three men will walk away with the money and the memories of their hilarious exchanges on Twitter throughout the tournament.

The question of who would win the matchup, which could have potentially lasted for seven nights, was largely between Holzhauer and Jennings, as Rutter barely made an impact on the game play. Holzhauer used this fact to his advantage on Twitter, continually trolling Rutter for his poor performance.

Rutter meanwhile, stayed fairly silent on the platform when it came to trolling, sharing a few zingers and some RTs and accepting a round of free golf. He abandoned his silence after the tournament, serving up a burn for Holzhauer and tweeting, "Congrats to [James Holzhauer] as well. Have the New Orleans Saints been in touch about a job? Because with their tendency to talk a bunch of trash after losing in the playoffs, you'll fit right in."

Holzhauer also switched gears after the final match, sincerely congratulating Jennings and expressing his appreciation at competing against his fellow contestants and their patience at his antics.

"Thanks to [Ken Jennings] and [Brad Rutter] for a hell of a match," he wrote. "Ken and Brad are great [Jeopardy] players but even better people, and have been incredibly good sports about my kayfabe feuding and trash talk."


Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Tran