'Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time': Here's Who Won Night 2

The second night of the mother of all Jeopardy! tournaments was underway tonight, and James Hozlhauer walked away as the big winner. Jeopardy: The Greatest of All Time has the show's three biggest winners, Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and Holzhauer to compete in a three-night marathon to prove who is the greatest player in the quiz show's long-running history.

With a combined two-game score, Holzhauer totaled a whopping 82,414 points. Jennings took second with 57,400, and Rutter again came in third with 14,400.

Much like last night's hour-long broadcast, where Jennings walked away as the winner, the three contenders moved through the high-dollar clues first, then burned their way up the board as they delivered rapid-fire responses. It also sparked some online chatter after host Alex Trebek uttered some uncharacteristically colorful language while reading a clue for the big three.

While reading from the "Totally Rad 1980s" category, stating "Hey babe! I made you a b—in' mixtape to play on this Sony item that dominated the '80s and began in the U.S. as the 'soundabout.'" The answer, incidentally, was the once-ubiquitous Sony Walkman.

The rapport between the contestants was also on display through the back-to-back Jeopardy! games. While the show usually has a semi-serious tone, Holzhauer and Rutter each engaged in some good-natured ribbing when both tried to buzz in with a response at nearly the same time.

Holzhauer laughed at Rutter's slightly slower response time, to which his opponent jokingly replied: "You don't need to rub it in!"

While both Jennings and Holzhauer have wins in the bag already, Trebek advised not to count any one contestant out. Recently, the host spoke to Good Morning America ahead of the tournament about how the title of "the greatest of all-time" could go to any of the three brainy competitors.

"There are elements that favor each of the three guys," Trebek said. "They didn't win all that money by accident."

In another interview with GMA, Jennings spoke very highly of the show's host, who's been dealing with a prognosis of pancreatic cancer since March of last year -- though he doesn't have plans to quit any time soon.

"I feel like I've grown up watching Alex and he's the closest thing my generation has to a Walter Cronkite -- a broadcaster who you just trust because he's in your home every night," Jennings said about Trebek, not long after he received some unwelcome news about his health. "It's amazing that he's still with us and he's facing his health battles with such courage."


Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time will conclude next week, and decide the show's definitive GOAT starting at 8/7 central on ABC.