'Jeopardy!' Delayed in Some Markets Due to Donald Trump's Impeachment

Jeopardy! fans on the East Coast were in for quite a surprise when they tuned into the 7 p.m. ET show expecting to see guest Ken Jennings kicking off his third week and Brian Chang going for his fifth straight win. Instead, viewers were greeted with members of the House of Representatives delivering the articles of impeachment against former president Donald Trump. The special coverage wound up lasting for nearly 15 minutes as Jeopardy! viewers were thrown back into the episode a few questions in the Double Jeopardy round.

“How do I file a civil lawsuit against Trump for continually disrupting Jeopardy,” one user wrote in a tweet after learning of the interruption. Another Twitter user echoed a similar sentiment, “Jeopardy is preempted for impeachment coverage?! And here I thought Trump was done making my life worse.” Fans of the game show spent much of the first 15 minutes voicing their frustrations over not seeing the first round of the episode and not sure at the time at what point the episode would jump back in and if at all. “I can’t believe ABC is preempting Jeopardy to show the articles of impeachment against Trump,” another angry viewer wrote on Twitter.

After eventually joining back in on the action, viewers saw Chang once again coming out victorious after reeling off an impressive Double Jeopardy round and carrying that throughout the Final Jeopardy question. He took home another $28,401 on his way to winning five in a row. Fans of the show outside the East Coast markets were not impacted by the Trump articles of impeachment special break-in. For those curious, Chang held a lead over $9,400 after the first round with Madeline Johnson and Elliott Kalan posting $2,800 and $2,600 respectively.

For Chang, his successful run was highlighted in his fourth victory as he came out on top after a stunning tie-breaker question following a tie after the Final Jeopardy round. It also gave Jennings quite the shock as well as he had never been a part of anything like that during his illustrious 74-game win streak. The rare occurrence came in just his second day of filming as guest host with the show producing a handful of episodes each day.