'Jeopardy!' Champion James Holzhauer Takes Back His Packers Criticism After Aaron Rodgers Hosting Stint

After Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' surprisingly good job as a temporary host on Jeopardy!, champion James Holzhauer is suddenly turning into a Packers fan. Holzhauer took to Twitter where he announced he was walking back on his previous statements regarding the team. "I would like to publicly redact this statement," he shared, along with a clip from a previous episode where he boldly booed the team.

Holzhauer's change of heart comes amid news that the QB might take on the hosting gig permanently. NFL insider Ian Rapaport reveals Rodgers' stint left a good impression on more than just the game show champion. "One more note on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: He really impressed the brass during his stint on Jeopardy," he tweeted. "The belief is, when they finish auditions, he'll be among those with a chance to do the job full-time. If this isn't sorted out, a job hosting is also a possibility."

The idea seems to already be a hit with the show's fans, who've definitely been vocal about the hosts they weren't fond of. "He was surprisingly good. You can tell he really studied how Alex did it. He started out a little monotone but definitely was much better at the end," a fan said of Rodgers' performance. The new gig, however, might interfere with his football schedule. Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst revealed on Friday that Rodgers will continue as the team's quarterback for the "foreseeable future."


"Aaron's our guy," Gutekunst said as reported by ESPN. "We're excited about the kind of the things we're going to try to accomplish here over the next couple of years. So we certainly think with the contract that you're kind of talking about is something we'll work through. We're going to have to do probably a few things with different contracts as we head toward the season and then through the season to make sure that our salary cap situation, not only this year but in 2022, is square. So we're not done yet. We've done a lot to get here. We've kind of been doing things as we go and we will continue to do that as we go."