Jared Padalecki Says He's 'Gutted' He Didn't Hear About 'Supernatural' Sequel in Awkward Jensen Ackles Interaction

Supernatural fans may be rejoicing at the announcement of the planned Supernatural spinoff series, but there is at least one person who isn't in a celebratory mood. Hours after news broke Thursday, Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel are developing a Supernatural prequel spinoff series for The CW titled The Winchesters, Ackles' former onscreen brother of 15 years Jared Padalecki, appeared to have been blindsided by the news.

On Thursday night, Padalecki retweeted the initial Deadline report announcing plans for the spinoff, revealing and expressing his dismay that he had not been aware of the project. While Padalecki, who now stars on The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger, said he was "happy" for his former co-star, he admitted, "wish I heard about this some way other than Twitter." In addition, the actor wrote that he is "bummed that Sam Winchester had no involvement whatsoever."

The tweet caught many Supernatural fans by surprise. The two had starred alongside one another as brothers Sam and Dean Winchester throughout the series' run on The CW from 2005 until its conclusion in 2020, and they have appeared to remain close even since the series finale. Given their history together, many believed Padalecki's tweet was nothing more than a joke, with one fan tweeting, "this has GOTTA be a bad joke… this ain't it, sirs, we're freaking out." Padalecki, though, was quick to confirm that he wasn't joking, replying to the tweet with a message reading, "No. It's not. This is the first I've heard about it. I'm gutted."

TVLine reported that Padalecki later sent out and then deleted the third tweet. Directed at Robbie Thompson, the Supernatural co-executive producer who will pen the spinoff series, it read, "Et tu brute? Wow. What a truly awful thing you've done. [Bravo] you coward."


At this time, Ackles has not publicly responded to Padalecki. His last tweet came hours before his former co-star's tweets when he shared the link to the Deadline report. According to the outlet, The Winchesters will focus on Sam and Dean's parents and find Ackles reprising his Supernatural character as a narrator of the new show. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, who is not involved in the spinoff, tweeted his support for the show, saying that when Ackles "first told me this story, I loved it." Praising Ackles and his wife as "the perfect people to make it," he added that "the other perfect person is too busy Texas Rangering," referring to Padalecki's current role.