Jamie Lynn Spears Stirs Rumors of a 'Zoey 101' Revival With One Photo

Jamie Lynn Spears posted a photo that had fans believing a Zoey 101 reboot is on the way. The actress starred in the TeenNick dramedy from 2005 to 2008, and it looks like she might be back at it again before long. At the very least, she has a script for it.

Spears posted a photo of what seemed to be a Zoey 101 script on Instagram on Thursday. It showed a page of lines in screenplay format, with only a few words showing. The first was a line "Gimme that bacon!" The name of the character saying that line was covered up, but further down was the name SEAN, whose dialogue was all hidden except for the word "So..."

Spears captioned the photo with a bacon emoji and a speech bubble emoji. Bacon was often used as a random, zany punchline on the show, but there was no main character named Sean. However, Zoey's (Spears) main love interest, Chase, was played by Sean Flynn, so that could be a hint.

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Adding fuel to the fire, two other Zoey 101 stars commented on the post. One was Paul Butcher, who played Dustin, and the other was Christopher Massey, who played Michael. Their comments left little doubt that something is cooking up with their old sitcom.

"Somethings coming," Butcher wrote with wide eyes and a fire emoji. Massey responded simply with two smirking emojis and a flexing emoji.

This is just one more brick in the growing foundation of evidence that a Zoey 101 reboot is coming, fans hope. Back in July, Spears posted a collection of seven headlines on Instagram, all stating that a revival was somehow in the works. She tagged Nickelodeon in the post, asking the network to "have your people call my people."

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Catching up on old memories ❤️

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Less than a week later, most of the show's original cast gathered in one place, as fans saw on social media. Massey posted a photo on Instagram showing himself with Flynn, Butcher, Matt Underwood, Victoria Justice and Erin Sanders. Spears later revealed that the only reason she missed the hangout was because she fell asleep. However, she told her co-stars she hoped "to see y'all very soon," with a winking emoji.

In spite of all these hopeful signs, there is no official word of a reboot on the horizon. Just this month, Justice spoke to Entertainment Tonight, saying that she has not been asked to return to her role as Lola on the show. However, she said that she would do so in a heartbeat.

"It sounds super fun. I don't know, it doesn't seem that real to me because I haven't been, like, officially, no one has come to me or anything," she said. "Who knows. I have no idea what's going on."

After Zoey 101, Justice took the lead in her own TeenNick show, Victorious, which is having something of a renaissance itself right now. The show was added to Netflix at the beginning of the month, and as they binge-watch it, many are feeling nostalgic. It has also given rise to a new meme format based on the show's fictitious social media platform, The Slap.


Victorious is streaming now on Netflix, while Zoey 101 is available to rent or purchase digitally on Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube and Google Play. Stay tuned for updates on the various TeenNick comeback campaigns here on PopCulture.com.