James Corden Stuns Fans After Video Surfaces of 'Late Late Show' Host Not Driving for 'Carpool Karaoke'

James Corden has risen to fame in the United States ever since he became the host of The Late Late Show. The late-night host has also made a name for himself thanks to his popular Carpool Karaoke segments, which even spawned a spinoff series of the same name on Apple TV. But, a new behind-the-scenes video of a new Carpool Karaoke segment may just make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the bit.

On Jan. 22, one Twitter user related that they saw a Carpool Karaoke segment being filmed with Corden and Justin Bieber and subsequently posted a clip featuring the car that the two celebs were filming in. One thing about the segment caught their eye — Corden wasn't driving the car. Instead of the host driving, the car that the host and Bieber sat in was being towed by a truck around the block. In other words, with the help of a little entertainment industry-magic, The Late Late Show simply makes it appear as though Corden is driving the singer along in the segment.

"Saw James corden and Justin Bieber filming carpool karaoke and this is why I have trust issues — he isn't even driving!" the user captioned the video.

After the clip went viral, The Late Late Show clarified to Entertainment Tonight that Corden does usually drive the vehicle, but that he didn't on this occasion because of a specific reason.

"James always drives during Carpool Karaoke," the statement read. "However, on the rare occasion when there is a stunt component and the producers feel it is unsafe to drive, we will use a rig."

In addition to the show releasing a statement about the matter, Ben Winston, an executive producer of the late-night program also clarified the driving issue on Twitter.

"Not true!" Winston wrote in direct response to a Buzzfeed article that posited that Corden didn't drive during the segment. "We only use a rig when we are doing a 'stunt' as part of the Carpool - when it would be impossible for James to drive! This has occurred only maybe 4 times in 50 or so carpools... Safety is key!"


"By stunt I mean - dance routines / costumes / props etc !" he continued to clarify. "Dont worry too much though. I'm pretty sure there are bigger issues to worry about!"

Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images