'iCarly' Revival's Season 3 Is Officially on the Way

iCarly is coming back…again. The Paramount+ reboot has been renewed for a third season, with production beginning later this year and an anticipated 2023 release. The sophomore season reboot ended with Freddie's girlfriend, Pearl, confronting Carly and Freddie over their feelings for each other, with the pair refusing to deny that she was wrong. "iCarly's loyal fan base grew up with Carly, Spencer, and Freddie, and have now fallen in love with Harper and Millicent, too," said Tanya Giles, chief programming officer of streaming for Paramount+, per E! News. "We're thrilled to have Miranda, Jerry, Nathan, Laci and Jaidyn return for a third season and we know Paramount+'s growing YA audience is as well. And I, for one, must find out what happens with #Creddie!"

News of the revival comes amid one of the show's original stars Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett on the series, is spilling all about her experience on the show in a new memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died. McCurdy says she was mistreated by one of the show's creators and was mistreated in favor of fellow Nickelodeon alum Ariana Grande who pursued and thrived in a successful solo music career while she says her acting opportunities elsewhere were blocked. McCurdy did not return for the reboot.

"I booked two features during iCarly that I had to turn down because the iCarly team wouldn't write me out of episodes to go shoot them," McCurdy explained in her new memoir, as Hollywood Unlocked reports. "Are you. Kidding me. So I have to turn down movies while Ariana's off whistle-toning at the Billboard Music Awards? F–. This." 

She also recalled the time she went off when she found out that the singer was allowed to miss out on filming while she had to work: "I'm pissed about it. I'm pissed at her. Jealous of her. For a few reasons," she writes. "So now, every time she misses work it feels like a personal attack. … From that moment on I didn't like her. I couldn't like her," Page Six quotes.