How 'Mayans MC' Fans Can Watch the Premiere Early on FX+

The wait is over for Sons of Anarchy fans! The next chapter of Kurt Sutter's epic, Mayans M.C., is now streaming on the FX+ streaming service.

FX posted the Mayans M.C. pilot on the FX+ streaming service on Aug. 31, giving fans their first opportunity to ride back into the world of bikers and family drama.

The service was previously only available to Comcast Xfinity and Cox Contour subscribers, but the network finally opened up access to everyone. According to TheWrap, the service will set you back $5.99 a month.

There is only one problem - you still need a cable or satellite subscription to have access.

Mayans MC is just the tip of the iceberg though. FX+ will include every season of 35 FX original shows, giving audiences more than 1,400 episodes of programming. The first three seasons of Fargo will be available on Aug. 10.

Mayans MC is set three years after the events of Sons of Anarchy and follows SAMCRO's rival club. It starts with Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes, played by J.D. Pardo, joining the Mayans after cartel violence ruins his American dream.

Edward James Olmos and Jacqueline Obradors play his parents, while Richard Babral plays his brother, who is already a full patch member of the Mayans. Sarah Bolger plays his childhood sweetheart and Emilio Rivera reprises his SOA role as the Mayans president.

"The show takes place in real time, so it's post-Jax Teller. Three years or so has passed," Sutter said at San Diego Comic-Con last month. "I'm really protective of that mythology and the way it ended and letting fans — whether they enjoyed it or not — to have that experience and their idea of how that club continued and how those relationships continued."

Sutter said the show will "intersect" with Sons of Anarchy in some ways, with minor characters from that world coming and going.

"Sons was a big world and there was a lot of peripheral energy and players and members and other charters, so there will be those kind of intersections," Sutter said at SDCC. "We'll see those points of intersection happen throughout this season, and the series as well."

The series will also include flashbacks, a story-telling tool Sutter never used in SOA.


"One of the cool things about [Mayans] is we do something we never did on Sons," Sutter told Deadline last month. "We never had a flashback on Sons, because I felt like it pulled you out of the world. But because of who EZ is, and the way his brain works, it's organic to this show."

Mayans MC was co-created by Elgin James. It debuts on FX on Monday, Sept. 4.