‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creator Wants to ‘Remove’ Scenes, Ideas From Original Series

It's been seven years since the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother came to an end, and creator [...]

It's been seven years since the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother came to an end, and creator Carter Bays is revisiting the series on Twitter. Bays has been rewatching from the beginning and has been tweeting his reactions as he goes. He's just now finished the third season, and he has some interesting thoughts about the show, namely that he would make some changes.

"I won't go into specifics but I'll just say I would love to go into an edit room and go George Lucas on this thing and remove certain stuff I really wish wasn't in there and I bet nobody would miss," Bays tweeted. He also explained that he wished that he could spin off Will Forte's Rebound Bro because he got "the hardest laughs so far" in every scene he was in. He also admitted that the series was even longer than he remembered. "How am I only 1/3 of the way through this thing??" he tweeted. "There's so much of it!"

While Bays didn't mention whether or not one of the things that he would change would be the series' controversial ending, perhaps he will address it once he reaches the end of his rewatch. While fans may still be bitter over Ted and Robin ending up together, hopefully that won't dampen the enthusiasm for the upcoming Hulu spinoff series How I Met Your Father starring Hilary Duff.

"I don't want to give it all away and the script is definitely being changed a little bit, but it does tie in and, you know, hopefully, we'll have some fun guest appearances from the original cast," Duff told Entertainment Weekly. "There's great characters and I'm going to get to have another on-set family, another TV family. There's so much opportunity for love stories with this show because it's Sophie and then, three dudes. So it's going down that whole rabbit hole of like, well, which one was the father? And you get to like go through all of Sophie's young experience of finding love and dating and what that's like in the modern world.