Hackers Leak Episodes of ABC's ‘Steve Harvey’s Funderdome’

The hacker who previously targeted Netflix's Orange Is the New Black has returned to make good on its threat to ABC, releasing eight unaired episodes of the network's Steve Harvey's Funderdome, Variety reports.

The hacker, known as The Dark Overlord, had previously threatened to target the network after releasing most of the fifth season of OITNB.

"Time to play another round," the hacker wrote in the note accompanying the episodes' release on The Pirate Bay. "We're following through on our threats as we always do."

"If you prefer your meat bloody, we're serving it bloody as can be," the note continued. "We're bringing another piece from the world of unaired mainstream media content."

Although the leak has not been verified, eight video files were uploaded to The Pirate Bay that appear to be the first eight episodes of the show, which is scheduled to premiere June 11.


The Dark Overlord previously targeted clinics and medical businesses before moving on to hacking Hollywood, and has so far allegedly stolen around three dozen titles from multiple studios.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Variety