'Grey's Anatomy' Star Kevin McKidd Reveals One Co-Star Was One of His Earliest Crushes

Kevin McKidd recalled having a crush on one of his co-stars as a child. The Grey's Anatomy star praised series co-star and executive producer Debbie Allen — who plays Catherine Fox on the medical drama series — in a new interview. The actor did press ahead of the long-running show's 350th episode, which premiered Tuesday on ABC.

During the interview, McKidd was asked about his close friendship with Allen. They showed photos of the two of them smiling and looking happy in several posts on social media.

"Debbie is like a legend," McKidd gushed to PEOPLE. "When I was in Scotland as a little boy in the '80s, I watched fame, I watched her. I probably had one of my first crushes on her. And now I'm working alongside her."

"She helps me direct the show, and she's our executive producer... it's amazing to be friends with Debbie Allen," he added. "She's like, Hollywood royalty and we are very blessed to have her guidance."

The reporters then asked McKidd to share a funny moment he shared with the actress, inspiring a big chuckle from the Grey's Anatomy star.

"I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, because I was here doing press. The episode that I directed airs next week, and there was one shot we need of Bailey and she's directing it for me," he said. "I'm FaceTiming in to direct the shot and we're just laughing and talking. We love each other. We have each others' back."

The actor continued to gush about the actress and director as he was asked if he could recall her stories from the Fame days.

"Her stories are legendary. She started as an actor and choreography. She ended up directing that show," he said. "Because all the directors were like, 'we don't understand all this dance stuff,' and Debbie was choreographing all these young kids. And she became the executive producer.

"She has all the stories," he concluded.

Allen directed the 350th episode of the medical drama, which followed as Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) faced a panel of doctors deciding whether she should keep her license after she was caught committing insurance fraud for a patient. The emotional hour featured many callbacks to the show's rich history and ended with Meredith being cleared of all wrongdoing by the medical board and getting rehired by Grey Sloan Memorial.


Grey's Anatomy will return for its winter finale Thursday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.