'Grey's Anatomy' Star Giacomo Gianniotti Talks Potential DeLuca, Meredith Romance

Grey's Anatomy's big winter finale ended with Andrew DeLuca letting Meredith Grey know he is [...]

Grey's Anatomy's big winter finale ended with Andrew DeLuca letting Meredith Grey know he is interested in a romantic relationship with her.

As Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) wrestled with finding out that Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) was diagnosed with cancer, and on the heels of taking her matchmaker patient to a transplant surgery, Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) stopped her and told her how he felt.

The moment came after Meredith finally agreed to go on a drinks date with Link (Chris Carmack), and had Andrew said he had been thinking about kissing Meredith since Jo and Alex's wedding and that he wanted to pursue a relationship with her.

Meredith listed the reasons why them getting involved would be a bad idea but Andrew told her those things didn't matter. Overwhelmed, she told him that she needed time to think about all of what he said.

Fate had other plans for them, however, as both doctors ended up stuck in an elevator together after the wind storm caused a blackout at the hospital as the fall finale ended.

Gianniotti opened up about the Meredith, Andrew, Link love triangle to Entertainment Weekly, as well as revealing how much the character has grown up in the last season.

"I definitely think that in the last season, DeLuca has had some growing up to do and I think he's done it," Gianniotti said. "He's getting to a point where he is very confident in himself, in his body, in his profession, in his friendships. Although competing for Meredith's love is a great mountain to climb, I think he is up to the challenge. He's excited about the challenge. He doesn't want the easy road."

The competition for Meredith's affection might have led to Andrew confessing his feelings to her during the episode, but Gianniotti told the outlet that Andrew and Link's friendship will remain intact.

Gianniotti also said that after the big moment in Thursday's fall finale, Andrew will be stepping his game up to win over Meredith.

"He's done playing games," he told the outlet. "It sets us up in a nice place so, when we come back in mid-January, fans will be very hungry about wanting to see where it goes. I think Meredith is conflicted for a lot of reasons."

The love triangle will continue to be a part of the seasons storyline, but we'll have to wait until January to see what happens in that elevator.

Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes in 2019 on ABC.