'Grey's Anatomy' Firefighter Spinoff Casts Miguel Sandoval as its Captain

The firefighting spinoff of Grey's Anatomy has finally found its final leading role, tapping veteran actor Miguel Sandoval as the Captain Pruitt.

Sandoval is most well-known for his starring role in Medium, but he was also featured in Bad Judge and Dallas 2.0. Surprisingly, this is the second time the actor has been seen on a TV series about firefighters, as he had a prominent role in the short-live Fox drama, L.A. Firefighters.

Grey's Anatomy fans may also recognize Sandoval from his role in a 2012 episode of the series.

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The 10-episode offshoot series tells the story of the firefighters in Seattle, who work closely with the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial. Jason George, who is currently featured on Grey's Anatomy, will depart to star in the untitled series. The cast of the new spinoff also includes Grey Damon, Jay Hayden, Okierete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre and Barrett Doss.

(Photo: Courtesy of ABC)

There's no official premiere date for the series, but it will launch this midseason. The main characters of the show will appear in an episode of Grey's, setting up the spinoff. Stacy McKee, who has been as an executive producer on Grey's for several years, will serve as the showrunner.

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