Everything We Know So Far About 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14

We're still reeling from that epic Grey's Anatomy season finale, so naturally, our brains are already jumping ahead, speculating about what season 14 has in store for fans.

In the finale, we saw Edwards go through yet another horrific ordeal — she's really starting to give Meredith a run for her money on that front — and we know she then quit her position at the hospital. Sad news, but a story move we saw coming, as actress Jerrika Hinton revealed earlier this year that she'd be moving on from the hit medical drama.

But hey, Shonda Rhimes and company didn't kill Edwards off, so maybe we'll get a Hinton cameo sometime in the future when she isn't busy working on her new HBO gig.

With Edwards gone, we'll be getting a quick glimpse of some fresh new characters, thanks to the introduction of a few Seattle firefighters that will be the focus of an upcoming spinoff show next year.

Although Riggs and Meredith finally seemed to be on the same page with their relationship, the return of Riggs' former flame Megan is sure to throw a wrench in things — especially because she's been missing for 10 years and he thought she was dead.

This season 13 twist will undoubtedly bring up some issues for Megan's brother, Owen, who, as we saw in the finale, is already wrestling with guilt, knowing now that Megan was alive and detained all this time.

On a brighter note, the family drama seemed to bring Owen and Amelia closer together after months of estrangement, so we're hopeful Owen's new personal turmoil will be just the thing that pushes them back into each other's arms for good.

Or, at least for a little while.

And because there's never a shortage of relationship musical chairs on Grey's, it's looking more and more like we'll have a love triangle between April, Jackson and Maggie. Although Team Japril has always been close to our hearts, we definitely have to wonder what Team Mackson would look like!

What are your predictions for the upcoming season?


Photo Credit: Instagram / @greysabc, ABC