'Grey's Anatomy' Alum Kate Walsh Reveals Whether She Would Return to Series

Grey's Anatomy fans have been dedicated to the popular ABC show since 2005, but the series is now [...]

Grey's Anatomy fans have been dedicated to the popular ABC show since 2005, but the series is now heading towards the end of its run. While Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, is one of the few last remaining cast members who started from the beginning, there are talks of other famous faces potentially returning as the show seems to be on its way out. While some alums have made a quick return, Kate Walsh says she's already on board with the idea when and if that day comes.

"If they could get it done, I'd be happy to come back," she told PEOPLE, saying she'd "absolutely" make a return. "Maybe I'll Zoom in Dr. Addison could Zoom in." Walsh left the show in Season 8 to be the leading star in the series' hit spin-off, Private Practice. Although she left, she did say she always knew Grey's Anatomy would be a major hit. "Sometimes I do feel like I get a little witchy about things," she admitted. "I was like, 'This is a great show.' Even before it even had an airtime. I was just on as a guest, I was like, 'This is a great show. I think it's going to be really good.' And here we are. Here they are."

The actress then added, "Seven years later. It definitely changed my life." And she was right. Grey's Anatomy is one of the longest-running TV shows ever. Walsh first appeared on the show in 2005 during the Season 1 finale as a neonatal surgeon and the estranged wife of Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). The 53-year-old stuck around for the following two seasons and continued her role as Dr. Addison on Private Practice, which aired on the same network from 2007 to 2013. Although she went off and did her own thing with a brand new show, that wasn't her end with Grey's Anatomy. In fact, she did return several times to make appearances here and there and she continued to share her storyline.

If the actress were to join back in, she'd be entering a very different plot now that the pandemic has played as a heavy piece for the storyline. While many parts of the world are still having to battle the deadly ripple effects of the pandemic, it only made sense for show writers to implement that into the latest season. Fans have felt a different kind of connection now that so many have battled with COVID-19 themselves, or have had family members who have.