'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Frustrated With Teddy Altman's Return

Grey's Anatomy addressed Dr. Teddy Altman's return and her season finale pregnancy shocker early [...]

Grey's Anatomy addressed Dr. Teddy Altman's return and her season finale pregnancy shocker early on, but her behavior during the season 15 premiere left fans frustrated.

As previously reported, Teddy (returning series regular Kim Raver) made a surprise return to the hospital a few weeks after her intense reunion in Germany with Owen, looking for a job — with Bailey offering her the position of interim chief of surgery — and telling a patient that she was pregnant.

In the first minutes of Thursday's premiere, Teddy arrives with her suitcase to Owen's house and knocks at the door, probably hoping to spring the good news on her friend/lover when Amelia's foster child Betty opens the door.

"I think I have the wrong house," Teddy tells Betty, who says that if she is looking for Owen and Amelia, they are sleeping right now while Leo — Betty's son who Owen recently adopted — is finally asleep.

At the realization that she would be walking into, and possibly disrupting an entire family with her news, Teddy once again says "I think I have the wrong house," and runs away before the adults see her.

"I'm always half happy to see Teddy a half "GET OVER OWEN ALREADY," one user wrote.

"Yikes. I can't imaging being in Teddy's position [laughing out loud]," another Twitter user commented.

"Yes Teddy run from Owen," a third fan wrote.

With things not going as planned, a hormonal Teddy rushes back to the hospital and tells Bailey that her plans to stay in Seattle have changed and she can no longer accept the interim chief job.

"This is not personal Dr. Bailey. I thought I wanted what I thought I wanted, but I'm not coming back to town, I'm leaving... good luck with your stress sabbatical," she says before she rushes out the door.

As she is leaving the hospital she runs into Owen, Amelia and Leo in the elevator but, hiding her baby bump with a big sweater, she claims to have been in town for the chief job, but that ultimately she said no.

Despite being determined to leave Seattle, she is forced to ask for help after she starts to feel pains, and she calls on the head of cardio — who she doesn't know to be Meredith's sister Maggie.

Maggie agrees to help Teddy with her problem, despite her freaking out about doctor/patient confidentiality rules and making her promise to not tell Amelia about her pregnancy.

Later, Maggie reveals she is not sure what is wrong with Teddy, but that she should not be getting on a flight back to Germany, as it could hurt her baby. However, the erratic doctor simply says thank you and walks away; once again telling her not to say anything about the baby.

Fans were left frustrated by her actions, wondering how long Teddy will leave Maggie keeping this secret from Owen and Amelia.

"Ooohhh i can not wait to see how this Teddy, Owen, Amelia love triangle unfolds!!" a fan wrote.


"I like Teddy, but not with Owen," another fan wrote.

Since Raver is expected to be a series regular this season, we can expect Teddy's journey back to Germany to not be successful, hopefully we won't have to wait too long for the baby bomb to drop.

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