'Grey's Anatomy': Three Fan-Favorite Characters Fired in Season 15 Finale Cliffhanger

We knew Grey's Anatomy's insurance fraud twist would lead to a surprising resolution, but we were not ready for what actually happened.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 25 ("Jump Into the Fog")

Last week's episode ended with the tragic cliffhanger of Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) telling Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) he was taking the fall for her insurance fraud crime as she and Alex (Justin Chambers) locked themselves in the hyperbaric chamber to save young Gus' life.

"Jump into the Fog" picked right after the big twist, with Meredith freaking about her boyfriend — who had just said "I love you" to her for the first time and she was unable to respond — potentially ruining his career for her and being unable to do anything about it from inside the chamber.

With nothing they can do at first, Meredith uses the opportunity to tell Alex the truth about what's happening with Jo. Alex is heartbroken by the news as Meredith tells him Jo will be taking a leave of absence to get the help she needs to move on after finding out the tragic truth behind her conception.

Later, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Catherine (Debbie Allen) meet with the family from the case and promise the Catherine Fox Foundation will take care of their expenses.

In the hospital, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) sees DeLuca in handcuffs and starts asking questions. Andrew admits what he did and, despite the traffic crisis, he walks to the hyperbaric chamber to find out exactly what is going on from Meredith.

Meredith orders Richard to tell the truth about her involvement in the crime, but Richard says he won't because she could lose her kids. The conversation is interrupted when Gus starts to crash. Owen (Kevin McKidd) makes it just in time to the hospital to take the blood to Gus in order to save his life.

During a surgery, Bailey complains about how she thinks she failed DeLuca. Richard hints that there might be another explanation to his behavior. After Bailey continues to complain, she says she believes Meredith is involved in the crime as well.

After Alex saves Gus, Richard approaches Alex and tells him they have to talk about Meredith. As Meredith attempts to come clean to Catherine and Bailey, Richard and Alex interrupt and they both take the blame for the crime. Richard says the three of them were the masterminds and DeLuca was the only innocent one in the situation.


Bailey says her hands are tied and fires all three of them. Richard implores Catherine to do something, but all his wife can say is "oh my God!" At the end of the episode, Meredith hugs her children and tells them she is going away to "take care of something important," but their family will be there to take care of them while she is gone. The episode ends with Meredith visiting Andrew in jail and telling him she loves him. She also says she will turn herself in and face the consequences of her actions.

Will Meredith go to prison? Did we really just lose three original characters in one episode? Grey's Anatomy will return for Season 16 in fall 2019. The series has already been renewed for its 16th and 17 seasons by ABC.