'Grey's Anatomy': DeLuca Reveals Shocking Family Secret

Grey's Anatomy shared some hidden family secrets during Meredith and DeLuca's time stuck in an elevator together.

The winter premiere episode, titled "Shelter from the Storm," gave Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) the chance to learn more about one of her newest suitors, minutes after DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) had confessed his feelings for her.

After a hospital blackout leaves both doctors stuck in the elevator while on their way to perform a transplant surgery on Cece (Caroline Clay), DeLuca seemed to want to take the opportunity to kiss Meredith again, though her hesitation presented an opportunity for him to woo her and have a serious conversation for the first time.

Unsure as to how long they will be stuck — and with the other doctors tending to their own predicaments in other elevators and the hospital — DeLuca and Meredith get to know each other.

DeLuca explains to Meredith how he moved to the U.S. from Italy at a young age with his mother, while his sister Carina stayed in Italy with their father. He then admits that he has never talked about what happened with his father in the past before with anyone and shares with Meredith that his father was also a famous surgeon, though he was known more for scandal rather than awards and praise.

In Italian, the doctor then shares that his father suffers from a mental disorder and once operated on seven people in a row while in a manic state — not eating, drinking or sleeping. His actions led to the deaths of four people, but given his influential friends and access to money, he was able to get away with his crimes.

Despite his actions, Andrew admits that he still looks fondly at his childhood, and remembers his father as a good man who would teach him things and be there for him while he was growing up, which makes the whole situation complicated. Meredith gives him a supportive pat in the shoulder, but refuses to go for the kiss when he tries one more time.

Later, the pair share another romantic moment as Meredith tries to tell Andrew why their relationship would be a bad idea, though she can't actually come up with a reason. At that moment, Andrew tells her in Italian that once he does kiss her, he will never stop. And Meredith surprises him by speaking in fluent Italian, letting him know she learned in college.

The moment is interrupted just as they are about to kiss when the elevator doors open and they rush to their surgery to try and save Cece.

The pair's elevator moment gives Andrew and edge in the latest Grey's Anatomy love triangle, though we know that Link (Chris Carmack) will remain a possible suitor as well as the season continues.


Did learning more about DeLuca's past make you ship him in and Meredith together? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.