'Good Morning America': Ginger Zee Suffers Wardrobe Mishap Ahead of Big Interview

Even Good Morning America chief meteorologist Ginger Zee can't escape the occasional wardrobe malfunction. As the beloved weather woman headed off to what she dubbed "a huge interview" she had been chasing for months, her day hit a kink thanks to a "footwear snafu" that she recounted in a hilarious Tuesday Instagram post.

Zee's wardrobe malfunction was her Cinderella moment, she joked in the post, which included a photo of one of high heels stuck in an escalator stair. Unfortunately, the mishap couldn't have come at a worse time, as Zee told fans that she was on her way "to a huge interview I've been after for over a year" when her heel "got eaten by the escalator at work." Thankfully, Zee seemed to take things in stride and even poked a little fun, adding, "one shoe to a big interview. Why does footwear snafu always accompany my big career days?" She even added the hashtags "Cinderella" and "natural disaster."

Despite the slight hiccup, Zee carried on without any issue. Although Zee wrote on her Instagram Story that her shoe was "so wedged in there I had to run to my interview without it," she came prepared for the day and her "indecisiveness paid off," as she had a second pair on standby. After getting a shoe back on her foot, she headed off to her interview with John Kerry, who on January 20 of this year was sworn in as the United States' first Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, or Climate Czar. In his role, Kerry has "a seat at every table around the world as he combats the climate crisis to meet the existential threat that we face." The role was announced following President Joe Biden's win in the 2020 presidential election, and Zee said she "knew I needed to speak with him." After many months, she finally got the opportunity on Tuesday.

Zee's special interview with Kerry aired Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC. Teasing the interview in a post shortly after her wardrobe malfunction, Zee wrote, "the same day that President Xi announced that China would no longer invest in coal-fired power plants abroad... but what about their dozens of new coal-fired power plants in development in China now? How does this get them to carbon neutral by 2060? The numbers don't add up. I got to ask Mr. Kerry about that and more as we look ahead to COP26."

On her Instagram Story, Zee revealed that as she sat down with Kerry, crews got to work on extracting her shoe, which was unfortunately destroyed by the escalator. Zee said she was "grateful it wasn't my foot."