'Ghosts' Star Richie Moriarty Teases 'Spoiler Alert' for His Character in Season 2 of CBS Sitcom

The highly anticipated sophomore season of Ghosts will be returning to CBS this fall after a record-breaking freshman debut. But when Season 2 premieres on Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET in its new timeslot every Thursday, there will be one subtle change in our favorite Scoutmaster's costume. While taking part in the Just for Laughs ComedyPro conversation for the renowned event's 40th-anniversary festival on July 30, Richie Moriarty alongside seven of his co-stars and co-showrunner Joe Wiseman, teased a passive "spoiler alert" noting how Pete's costume will be less "dangerous" this time around.

"We were shooting a scene in Season 1 and Román [Zaragoza] made the choice in a moment that Sas is standing next to Pete to lean in and whisper something to me and the tip of my arrow caught his eyelid," Moriarty told Canadian media and event goers. Zaragoza, chimed in that the arrow actually hit him "right in the temple" and after that incident happened, they changed tips. 

Moriarty adds how the "crazy thing" is in the arrow's construction. "The arrow started with a legit metal tip. It wasn't super sharp but it was metal so it poked people. Midway through Season 1, they turned it into a styrofoam tip. It looks metal but it's styrofoam so if it makes contact with someone it's not going to blind them. Spoiler alert for Season 2… we shortened it by like a quarter-inch on each side because it was a little wider than my shoulders, which is just dangerous."

While in conversation with PopCulture.com last November, Moriarty opened up about the arrow his Woodstone Mansion counterpart has to wear for all of eternity, admitting that while it is "almost weightless," it's also "very comfortable" to wear. "I have almost taken multiple actors' eyes out," he told PopCulture. "Being part of this ensemble, we're so close to each other all the time. We're often in these pack of ghosts, where this kind of amoeba of ghosts very often and the arrow is a little bit wider than my shoulders, so it's tricky, I have to be very careful with the way I move and make sure that nobody's too close to me, and often ghosts will be, wanting to whisper something over my shoulder and move in and all of a sudden they're almost getting an arrow in the eye."

Explaining how it is "very comfortable though," Moriarty humbly applauded the wardrobe department for the "incredible job" they did with his character Pete's look. "It's basically, a metal bracket inside of the scarf that's like a C-shaped bracket that goes around the back of my neck and then the two ends of the arrows screw into two bolts that come out of that bracket," he said, adding how they did an "incredible job," further noting how one of their major concerns at the time was when initially doing wardrobe fittings. "Because you don't want to be limited by anything physically, because especially you have no idea what's coming up in the season and what they're going to ask this character to do, so we were very clear, the wardrobe department was awesome, and making sure that it was a good fit and would be easy for me to move around."

Ghosts Season 2 returns on Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. For more on Ghosts and everything Season 2, stay tuned to the very latest about the show, news about the cast, and everything in between only on PopCulture. In the meantime, relive the first season of Ghosts on Paramount+ for free from June 3 to Sept. 2, 2022.