'Ghosts' Season 2: Can Jay See the Woodstone B&B Spirits?

The second season of Ghosts premiered tonight and the biggest question was finally answered after five months of wondering. Can Jay Arondekar — played most spiritedly by Utkarsh Ambudkar — finally see the Woodstone B&B ghosts? 

After Jay and Samantha (Rose McIver) fell through their newly opened business's floor in the Season 1 finale this past April, fans have been wondering all summer if the doting husband would too be blessed with some kind of mediumship like his wife. With audiences finally getting their answer, spoilers are ahead for Ghosts Season 2, Episode 1: "Spies." 

(Photo: Bertrand Calmeau)

[Spoilers are ahead] Picking up from the events of last season with the floor caving in and Jay appearing lifeless while Sam welcomes the new guests to their B&B as the spirits — Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), Trevor (Asher Grodman), Thorfinn (Devan Chandler Long), Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Flower (Sheila Carrasco), Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), Pete (Richie Moriarty), Sasappis (Román Zaragoza) and Nigel (John Hartman) — look on, audiences are transported to the couple's bedroom where the Living husband is resting up.

As Sam checks up on Jay and asks how he's doing, he tells her he "really hit [his] head hard," and wonders if that impact has affected his ability to "see them" too. When Sam asks "Who?" her husband responds, "the ghosts." Reassuring him that it won't happen again and that there are no ghosts presently in the room, Jay is still enthusiastic about the fall, exclaiming that the "dream is still alive." When she leaves for the doorbell, Jay gets out of bed and begins checking the rooms for the ghosts. Peeking his head into their usual resting spots, Jay checks for Flower, Thor, Isaac and "No Pants" — also known as Trevor. But as he comes down the staircase to the entrance of the home, he is astonished to see someone seemingly familiar. "Pete?" Jay asks in dismay. 

With Pete standing in awe and shocked that his best friend can finally see him, Isaac and Alberta run into the room over the commotion as the Revolutionary War captain shouts, "Gadzooks! Jay can see us!" As Jay approaches Pete for a hug, we see him walk through the Scoutmaster only to hug a man dressed up similarly in khaki-colored attire. Finally asking where Pete's arrow is, it is then that Sam walks into the room asking her husband why he's hugging the deliveryman. Upset by the lack of being able to see the spirits, the scene flashes to the opening credits after he lets out a sigh.


The episode, "Spies," which aired on Thursday, Sept. 29 is the Season 2 premiere of the 2021-2022 record-breaking sitcom on CBS. Elsewhere in the premiere, Sam enlisted the help of the house ghosts to help secure a good review from an overly critical couple staying at the B&B, played by Meagen Fay and Don Lake. While Sam and the ghosts get up to their shenanigans, Isaac tried to integrate Nigel into his friend group, only to seclude his other best friend Thorfinn at first. Thankfully and with the help of the Spice Girls, Isaac managed to make the right choice and keep things most civil in the Woodstone mansion.

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