'Ghosts' Stars Román Zaragoza and Asher Grodman Welcome Castmate for Tender Musical Performance

After wooing fans with a stunning serenade from Ghosts star Román Zaragoza and filmed most strikingly by Asher Grodman, the creative pair struck gold again Wednesday afternoon — this time welcoming one of their co-stars for a charming performance that has fans smitten. In a reel posted to Zaragoza's official Instagram ahead of the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, the actor — best known for playing Woodstone's Lenape spirit Sasappis — sang The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights," an indie track with fellow cast member Sheila Carrasco and filmed most sharply again by Grodman's gifted eye. 

"I've loved this song since I first heard my sister, [Raye Zaragoza] perform it. The Iron and Wine rendition of this classic song is a go-to of mine and I'm grateful to have had the Harmony Queen herself, [Sheila Carassco] join me on this one. Also shoutout to our amazing cinematographer, [Asher Grodman]," he captioned alongside a pair of the raised hands emojis. "Let me know if you've been enjoying this series!"

With fans taking to the comments section to applaud the track and asking for more collaborations like this between Zaragoza and Grodman, one user wrote, "I'm gonna need a Zaragoza Sibling ft Sheila album now," while another chimed in praising the 26-year-old actor's musical chops: "You are an amazing singer...I hope you get to sing more on the series...I adore all the characters and can't wait for the new season." While many sung the praises of the three stars, another pleaded that they "need to do a musical episode for real." 

Following a performance at Carnegie Hall this past May and a track titled "Ghosts: The Musical" now available on Spotify, a brief search of the hashtag on Twitter will find many fans expressing the hope for a musical episode — deservedly so and aligned with Woodstone Mansion's 1920s jazz singer spirit Alberta Haynes, played by Danielle Pinnock. Speaking to PopCulture.com earlier this summer, series star Rebecca Wisocky – also known as the Lady of Woodstone Mansion herself — revealed that while "there's no real dirt to spill" this time about a potential musical episode, she and the cast "talk about everything that we would love to get to do together as a cast and that's definitely one of the things that we kind of were joking about from very early on."

Carrasco also stated to PopCulture how she believes "it's highly possible" from what she's heard. Acknowledging that musical episodes "are kind of hard to pull off," the actress best known for playing 1960s hippie ghost Flower explained that "everyone is such a great performer, so it would be such a cool thing to do." Richie Moriarty, who plays Scoutmaster Pete Martino, also feels pretty confident, sharing in May that while he does not have "insider information... I honestly do think we'll see [a musical episode]."


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