'General Hospital' Fans Are in Shock After Character Is Shot in the Chest

General Hospital fans are still reeling after an essential character was left for dead, ending the [...]

General Hospital fans are still reeling after an essential character was left for dead, ending the run of one of the show's most interesting characters, or so it seems. In typical soap opera fashion, the final result has not been revealed and characters have come back from worse. Still, fans were sent into a tizzy over the apparent death. SPOILERS AHEAD for General Hospital's current storyline.

In the latest episodes, Peter August, played by Wes Ramsey, finally escaped captivity at the hands of Franco Baldwin, Roger Howarth, after shooting him directly in the chest. The cliffhanger has left some fans feeling the character is gone for good this time around, but there is still plenty of questions lingering thanks to Howarth himself.

Howarth told Soap Opera Digest that he is not leaving General Hospital for good. The death on screen is just an opportunity for him to take time off for charity work with Feeding America. "I'm really excited," the actor told the outlet, according to ET Canada. "I have great faith in the people who think of these things. I've been in good hands so far."

All of this out in the open, fans of General Hospital aren't happy about the potential demise of the sometimes villainous Franco. The character first debuted with actor James Franco playing the character starting in November 2009. The actor returned several more times before leaving the role and allowing Howarth to take over. The character has evolved since his villainous early days, making his potential loss a hard one for fans.

"I find it annoying that a certain someone still gets to stick around and play a different character while his characters wife thinks he's gone, meanwhile us Franco fans get punished and [Roger Howarth] is put on hiatus, so much favoritism behind the scenes with that soap," one fan wrote. "Franco is trending pretty high. It is always nice to see soaps can still trend on her," another wrote.

"I wonder how long we are going to have to wait until we see him again. Thanks heavens we will see him again...but as who?" a third added, potentially hinting that the evil side could be returning.

Should be interesting to see what the show does with the character. For now, things don't look good and fans last got a look at a body bag.