'Game of Thrones' Star 'Not Too Bothered' by Jon Snow and Daenerys' Relationship

Cameras recently caught up with Tom Hopper, the actor who played Dickon Tarly on Game of Thrones, and he revealed that he has no problem with the incestuous relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

In the clip, a TMZ cameraman tells Hopper that Jon and Daenerys "end up hooking up," to which Hopper replies, "Oh they do?"

It turns out Hopper hadn't actually seen the season seven finale himself yet.

"I'm not too bothered by that. That's OK. That can happen. I kinda guessed that would happen," Hopper says.

Hopper's character, Dickon Tarly, was the brother to another very popular character, Samwell Tarly.

A few episodes before the finale, however, Dickson met his end after refusing to bend the knee to Daenerys.

She had both him and his father executed by dragon-fire.

In a recent interview, Hopper spoke about that scene and how it all went down.

"What's brilliant about Game of Thrones is they have amazing extras. They're so committed, and these guys in particular were great," Hopper said.

"Their fear of the dragons and their fear of kneeling down and me not kneeling down created a really good scene. When we actually shot the thing with a dragon, we had a big green ball where the dragon was supposed to be and everything," he continued.


"We were told to imagine that we were facing a firing squad, and I thought the way it turned out was brilliant," Hopper said.