'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Series Finale Spoilers Leak, and Fans Are Furious

Fans are ready to go full on Mad Queen and Mad King after a details for the final two episodes, including the finale, of Game of Thrones leaked online, marking just the latest in a string of leaks plaguing the series' final season.

According to The Sun, a minute-long preview for the final two episodes of the HBO series showing major spoilers for how it ends was leaked on Twitter following the debut of Season 8, Episode 4, "Last of the Starks."

Although the footage was quickly removed, the number of fans who saw it and the spoilers now running rampant have left many angered and ready to channel their inner Aerys II Targaryen, better known as the "Mad King."

"Kkeep hearing there are Game of Thrones leaks and spoilers sooo... bye," one person wrote.

"This leaves me no choice- it's time for a two-week hiatus from social media," another added. "It's gonna be almost impossible to avoid spoilers on here."

However, while many were rooting for a leak to happen, or perhaps unable to resist looking at them once they did, they were left full of rage after the information in the leaks failed to meet their expectations, with one person even claiming that it meant the show had "the worst ending in TV history."

"I just read the summary leaks of Episode 5 and 6 of Game Of Thrones. If this summary is true. D&D really f–ed up the best show in TV history for shock value," one fan of the series commented.

"Guys I've seen the leaks," one person wrote. "The finale for Game of Thrones will be so bad that half the fan base will cease to exist once it's done. If these leaks are true, just pretend the battle of Winterfell was the last episode because seven hells, this reads like bad fan fiction."

"If the Game of Thrones leaks are true (which, it looks like they are), then, congratulations to D&D for single-(double?)handedly destroying a beloved brilliant story," another fan added.

Season 8 of the popular HBO series has been plagued with episode leaks, with each episode of the season having been uploaded online well before its scheduled premiere, leaving many fans furious. Speaking to The Wrap regarding the incidents, director David Nutter acknowledged that the leaks have "grown out of proportion."

"I don't know what [HBO does] or how they do it, so that's kind of out of my purview," he said. "But as far as leaks are concerned, I think a lot of fans of the show might hear about leaks but they don't try to find out what they are, because I think fans of the show don't want to encounter them."


"I've never come across, as a casual internet person, a spoiler that I wasn't trying to look to find," he added. "But leaks have grown out of proportion, I think."

New episodes of Game of Thrones air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.