'Game of Thrones' Star Conleth Hill Has Warning for Fans Ahead of Episode 3

Conleth Hill, who plays Varys on Game of Thrones, warns fans that the White Walkers are not the only threat left in Westeros.

Warning! Spoilers for Game of Thrones lie ahead!

Lord Varys has been on the inside of some of the biggest conspiracies in Westeros in his time on Game of Thrones. "The Spider," as he is often called, is a mysterious diplomat hired as the king's spymaster, and has a huge network for gathering information. Therefore, we should take Hill seriously when he warned that Cersei Lannister is still a major threat in a new interview with TV Line.

"There's no talking to her... she's the biggest threat to stability," the actor said. "Even at the end of [Season] 7, there seems to be a coming together of everyone but her."

Obviously, Cersei Lannister is on the outside of the united forces up north in Winterfell. It is not in her nature to cooperate with them, and they now know she is not marching her armies north to help fight the dead. They also know that she has hired 20,000 troops from the Golden Company in the hopes of defeating whoever wins the battle at Winterfell when they march south.

Even Hill admitted he is "frightened of her," adding that "he's aware of how dangerous she is, and how bad she is."

Over time, it has become clear that Varys is guided by a distinct, internal moral compass more than any loyalty or allegiance, so Hill's definitions of "dangerous" and "bad" are about as objective as we can hope to get in Game of Thrones. In the interview, Hill also hinted that his access to information has not changed that much either, however it may seem. He suggested that the spymaster is still in contact with his so-called "little birds" all around the kingdoms.

"For a while, [Varys] was in Meereen, [so] it wasn't as strong a connection, but supposedly, he still did [have them], yeah," he said.


While his role has been scaled back over the years, many fans expect Varys to play a vital role in the wars to come. Some fan theorists have even gone so far as to wonder if he will turn his back on Daenerys once he finds out that Jon Snow has a better claim to the Iron Throne. Jon is a proven leader, they argue, and Varys himself delivered a cold monologue last season saying that he serves the realm above all else.

Game of Thrones airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.