'Friends' Will Likely Leave Netflix After Contract Expires, Exec Says

Friends will likely leave Netflix after the show's contract expires, Chief Creative Officer for Turner Kevin Reilly says.

According to THR reporter Lesley Goldberg, Reilly referred to the series as a "crown jewel" and implied that the show may not have its contract with Netflix renewed when it's up later this year or in 2020.

"For most part, sharing destination assets like that, it is not a good model to share. It should be exclusive to the service," Reilly stated.

Fans grew panicked last year when it was reported that Friends would be leaving Netflix in 2019.

Many took to Instagram to lament the news, prompting Netflix to announce that they had negotiated a deal to keep the show on throughout 2019.

The deal that WarnerMedia and Netflix came to reportedly saw the streaming service pay upwards of $100 million to keep the show on for another year.

Shortly thereafter, it was announced that the service would be increasing prices on their subscriptions, leading many users to believe that the Friends deal was responsible.

"I hope everyone's happy with the same episodes of Friends y'all couldn't live without," one user suggested.

"I think everyone who hasn't streamed Friends in the last 12 months should keep the same price and make those that watch it suffer," someone else tweeted.

"Can I get the No Friends subscription rate please?" another user wrote. "Never watched an episode all the way through. Just couldn't deal with the idiocy."


"I still think Friends is overrated," yet another person added, taking issue with the pandemonium over the series more that the price hike. "Not that it isn't good, but I don't get why it's so 'amazing.' Is it for the meme of it? Is that why everybody acts like it's the best thing in [TV] history?"

Regardless of how divided users are, however, it seems that for now neither Friends nor the Netflix price increase are going anywhere.