'Flintstones' Reboot Reveals New Cast as Fox Moves Forward

The Flintstones fans finally have an update on the long-awaited reboot/sequel series Bedrock. After a quite couple of years, Deadline reported on Friday that Fox has inched the series forward. The network has ordered a pilot presentation — which is an abbreviated version of a pilot episode. Along with the production update on the Elizabeth Banks-produced comedy, we also learned who will play the Flintstones and Rubbles. Banks will also star as Pebbles, being as this new show is set 20 years after the original series. 

The Bedrock pilot presentation cast list is as follows:

  • Elizabeth Banks as Pebbles Flintstone
  • Stephen Root as Fred Flintstone
  • Amy Sedaris as Wilma Flintstone
  • Nicole Byer as Betty Rubble
  • Joe Lo Truglio as Barney Rubble
  • Manny Jacinto as Bamm-Bamm Rubble

Bedrock is firmly described as a sequel to the beloved Hanna-Barbera show that ran for six seasons on ABC from 1960 to 1966. However, it's unclear how much of the show's numerous spinoffs, sequels and movies will be at play. While it doesn't really matter if side characters like The Frankenstones pop up or not, the franchise has previously explored the adult life of Pebbles in the movies I Yabba-Dabba Do! and Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby. Those two movies included Pebbles getting married and having a baby, respectively.

Deadline describes the setup for Bedrock as follows: "A primetime animated adult comedy series continuing the story of the Stone Age family, Bedrock catches up with the Flintstone family two decades later, with Fred on the brink of retirement and 20-something Pebbles embarking on her own career. As the Stone Age gives way to a shiny and enlightened new Bronze Age, the residents of Bedrock will find this evolution harder than a swing from Bamm-Bamm's club."

Bedrock is the latest project utilizing the Flintstones intellectual property. Fred Flintstone and company were MIA throughout most of the 2000s and 2010s, but Warner Bros. has brushed off the prehistoric world in recent years. Amidst some failed reboot developments, the company did release the movie The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown! in 2015. Several characters popped up in the 2021 movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, and there was a child-friendly show, Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs, that premiered two seasons on HBO Max between 2021 and 2022.

Bedrock could mark a reset for the modern stone age family, being as it appears Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to reposition the franchise. The company pulled numerous seasons of the original show from HBO Max amid cost-cutting measures. The media giant also pulled Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs from the streaming service, as well. However, the franchise is still a pillar of the company's niche streamer Boomerang. That streaming service, which is an extension of the cable network of the same name, currently hosts: The Flintstones, The New Fred and Barney Show, Flinstone Frolics, The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, The Flintstone Kids, Cave Kids, the movie A Man Called Flinstone and numerous one-off TV specials.