'The Exorcist' Creators Dish on What to Expect in Season 2

After a terrific first season, The Exorcist is set to return for its second installment tonight on Fox. Since the first season brought closure to the story of the Rance family, but teased more excitement for the priests on the show, fans have been wondering what direction the new season would take.

Well, since we were wondering the same thing, we asked the creators of the series what would be in store when The Exorcist made its way back to TV. Jeremy Slater and Sean Crouch revealed exactly what Season 2 will be about, and what fans can expect from the new story.

"We're really diving into this family and playing up the mystery of exactly which kid in the foster home is the target of the demon," Slater told us. "It's allowing us to do a lot of fun, Poltergeist type scares that we didn't get to do in Season 1."

The family that Slater is talking about is a foster family, where one Northwestern man is raising four teenagers and one child on his own. John Cho plays Andrew Kim, the foster father or the troubled kids.

Horror movies with kids are always a little scarier, and that's exactly why the creative team wanted to have so many around.

"That's why we filled the family with 5 children," Crouch said. "20% of the audience will be right when they try to guess who it is."

While the family experiencing the possession in Season 2 will be vastly different than the one featured last year, the three priests, Thomas (Alfonso Herrera), Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan), will stay the same. The characters will continue to build on their stories from last season, with a few different surprises along the way.

"Big twists and big surprises coming up," Slater said of the characters. "A lot of people have secrets that they have not yet told. There's something fun about pairing these characters up in ways we haven't seen before. Really bringing Marcus and Thomas together as brothers and partners and exploring the dynamic between them. We're pairing Bennett up with [a new character played by] Zuleikha Robinson."


Things are going to be vastly different in The Exorcist Season 2, but it sounds like that will be more than enough reason to celebrate.

The Exorcist returns on Friday night at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.