Debra Messing Weighs in on Busy Phillips Announcing 'BusyTonight' Being Canceled by E!

Actress Debra Messing has weighed in on Busy Phillips announcing that her talk show BusyTonight has been canceled by the E! network.

Taking to Twitter, Busy shared the news, revealing that the shows last episode will be May 16.

She also thanked all of her fans for all their support, and expressed a desire to see the series come back on another channel or streaming service in the future.

Messing then spoke out, expressing that she was terribly sorry to hear the news.

"Oh Busy, I'm so sorry. That is a huge disappointment especially because you created something that was uplifting, joyous, original &uniquely yours," the Will & Grace star tweeted. "Congratulations & thank you. I hope your show finds a new place to shine on, but if not, celebrate what you made & feel the love.xx."

Philipps replied to Messing's heartfelt comment, saying, "Thank you Debra," and adding a heart emoji.

Other celebrities have shared words of encouragement for Philipps as well, with comedian Ron Funches saying, "Great job Busy!!! So much fun."

"This is total bulls— and the E network is so dumb for doing this. This show should be somewhere that appreciates it!" actor Ike Barinholtz tweeted.

"But they renewed Very Cavallari? Why? You're a star and will take the show somewhere else big. Love watching!" Fox News contributor Britt McHenry wrote.

"That's so disappointing! I hope the show lands somewhere safe soon," author Jenny Lawson offered.

Fans of the show have been bvery upset overt the cancellation, as one fan chided, "NOOOOO Why E, why???"

"I'm so BUMMED by this news," someone else said, "you guys brought so much needed life into late night, a welcome breath of fresh air. Thank you, and love you so much. (We need to get an all woman run TV network up and running)."

"Busy Tonight" last episode for E! will air Thursday, May 16 with a special celebratory half-hour," an E! Network spokesperson added about the show's end. "Busy is a hilarious and charismatic talent and we are grateful to the entire 'Busy Tonight' team who has delivered countless laughs and heartwarming moments in what will be over 100 episodes."


There are still four new episodes of the series set to air ahead of the finale.